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Gender Professional Inclusiveness

To experience this concept you will need to conduct an activity.

You will need :-

1.Drawing sheets
2.Colouring pencils
3.Stop watch

This activity can be facilitated in person or via video call. You will need minimum 2 people to max 10.

In turns, call out the name of any profession and than start the stop watch. You have 90 seconds for each such activity. The game stops when 3 professions names have been called out.
Once you are done, check each other’s drawing and exchange notes on the difference between each other’s drawing.
Whenever I have conducted this short activity , most delegates drawing clearly depicts a gender . Example Man for fighter, mother as homemaker etc.
The future of this world are the children of today. Let’s be mindful about the way speak around them wrt associating a gender to a particular profession.
Let your child be who they want to be. Let them know a girl can like blue and a boy can like pink. Homemaker can be the mother or the father.

Our books celebrate this uniqueness. It celebrates Inclusion. Grab a copy of our children’s story book today for your child and aspire to change this world together one child at a time.

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