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This is a personalised colouring story book for the entire family. A perfect setting for families and friends to get together and become a part of the imaginary town of DestinyLand, where the story revolves around two central characters; a Lion and a calf who are a part of the circus. You can chose to be any character that you want and narrate a personal story to the children in your family. Watch your childs motor skills develop as they colour the storybook the way their imagine it whilst being a part of the story and learn the important lessons from it.

The book focuses on values such as giving children the power to make a decision and to pursue what they want. Revolving around the theme of Diversity and Inclusion it shares the importance of accepting others for who they are without any bias. It talks about giving respect to others and helping each other. You will get to experience the calf’s journey and see how she learnt to ROAR because of the diverse and inclusive environment she was raised it.


The Calf Who Roared (Your Personalised Colouring Storybook)

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