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IMW presents HonestyBookShop where our books are created for you to live the moment with your child whilst developing their cognitive and imagination skills, teaching the important value of accepting others for who they are.

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This is a personalised colouring story book for the entire family. A perfect setting for families and friends to get together and become a part of the imaginary town of DestinyLand, where the story revolves around two central characters; a Lion and a calf who are a part of the circus. You can chose to be any character that you want and narrate a personal story to the children in your family. Watch your childs motor skills develop as they colour the storybook the way their imagine it whilst being a part of the story and learn the important lessons from it.

The book focuses on values such as giving children the power to make a decision and to pursue what they want. Revolving around the theme of Diversity and Inclusion it shares the importance of accepting others for who they are without any bias. It talks about giving respect to others and helping each other. You will get to experience the calf’s journey and see how she learnt to ROAR because of the diverse and inclusive environment she was raised it.



Importance of embracing everyone's uniqueness


Increasing awareness, understanding and acceptance of difference amongst two or more people


Increasing brain skills needed in acquisition of knowledge and reasoning


The state of being comfortable, happy and healthy (pysical,emotional and mental health)

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Another of our personalised colouring story book for the entire family. This a story about friendship and bravery. Come get engaged in the journey of a little kitten who challenges the age old saying that cats and dogs do not get along. 

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aboutthe author

Mustafa.H.Syed holds a Practitioner Certification in Applied Neuroscience for People Development.

After 15+ years of experience in adult learning principles in the corporate world he is now taking the challenge to promote Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing via the art of story telling for the future of our world,our children of today.

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Our Services

We are proud to represent Srinidhi(Instagram ID midlessartist_), a talented digital illustrator who is the illustrator of our books (The Kitten Who Said Bow-Wow & Adventures of Malah).

Write to us at for the following social media services (digital illustration, logo creation, mascot or content writing).

We are also available for contract to take care of your online communication and content writing requirements.

40% of all revenue is used to support a NGO that provides shelter to commercial sex workers children and to provide sanitizers to law enforcement agencies

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Changing this world one book at a time

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